I will fight back with every ounce of strength I have, and I will not rest until justice is served.

De-Fending off False Narrative's

I stand before you today, not as a politician, but as a proud American, a champion of truth and justice, and a defender of the American Dream. For years, I have been subjected to a relentless witch hunt, a never-ending stream of fabricated charges, and a concerted effort to silence my voice and destroy my legacy.

New York State Charges: Lies and Deception

First, let’s tackle the fabricated charges hurled by overzealous officials in New York. They accuse me of hush money payments and tax fraud. But let me be clear: these claims are nothing more than a smokescreen, a desperate attempt to tarnish my reputation and distract from the real issues facing our nation.

Hush Money – A Personal Matter Twisted for Political Gain

They accuse me of making hush-money payments as a violation. However, this was a private, personal matter, and any payments made were done so legally and with my own funds. They are twisting my actions to manipulate public perception and create a false narrative. Don’t let them!

Tax Fraud: A Witch Hunt Based on Lies

They accuse me of tax fraud, a laughable claim that only those blinded by their political agenda could take seriously. My businesses have always operated within the legal framework, and any claims of inflated assets are nothing more than baseless speculation meant to create a media circus.

Trump University: A Catalyst for Success

They attack my passion for education, attempting to tarnish the success of Trump University. Let me remind you: thousands of students have benefited from the entrepreneurial knowledge and principles we shared. It was a program designed to empower individuals, and the accusations against it are nothing more than political maneuvering.

Stand with Me

I call on all of you, my fellow patriots, to stand with me in this fight. We will not let the forces of division and despair undermine our democracy. We will not let them erase the progress we have made together. We will stand together, united in our love for this country, and we will defeat this witch hunt once and for all.

The Ukraine Impeachment Farce

They impeached me for abuse of power, claiming that I pressured Ukraine to investigate my political rival, Joe Biden. But they twisted my words, ignored the facts, and turned a legitimate foreign policy inquiry into a partisan witch hunt. The Senate, in a bipartisan vote, saw through their charade and acquitted me of all charges.

The Mar-a-Lago Documents

They raided my home, Mar-a-Lago, and seized classified documents that I had taken from the White House. They claimed I had obstructed justice and willfully retained national defense information. But I had declassified these documents, a right that the President has under the Constitution. And I took them with me because I needed them to continue working on behalf of the American people.

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